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Bloody Mary

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Caesar Fest

 July 13 - July 31     

 food+ drink comp 


Caesar Fest 

In honour of the classic Canadian  cocktail


From July 13-31 The Boro will be hosting an epic culinary competition celebrating the Caesar cocktail in all its tomatoey glory!


Mixologists and chefs alike will be serving up over-the-top Caesar concoctions and delightfully unique edible iterations of the #iconic cocktail throughout the downtown Peterborough restaurant scene.

Vote for your fave Caesar themed cocktail or menu item to help settle once and for all who makes the best Caesar in all of downtown Ptbo.

How to Participate

A menagerie of Caesar drinks and cocktail themed food items will be featured on downtown menus for dine-in and takeout. Host a CaesarCrawl with a group of friends or dine solo- the choice is yours ;)


Plan your Caesar adventure with our online Caesar Map to scout out your favourite spots for dine-in or takeout. Don't forget to use Y Drive Eats for free delivery using coupon code: CAESAR

Throughout the festival, participants are invited to use Y Drive's ride share program for safe rides to and from downtown Peterborough.  Caesar revellers will have access to an exclusive 50% off discount using coupon code: CAESAR



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